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Integrating Sleep Science With Your Unique Parenting Style - Valuable Daily Support - Sleep Solutions That Work • Integrating Sleep Science With Your Unique Parenting Style - Valuable Daily Support - Sleep Solutions That Work • Integrating Sleep Science With Your Unique Parenting Style - Valuable Daily Support - Sleep Solutions That Work • Integrating Sleep Science With Your Unique Parenting Style - Valuable Daily Support - Sleep Solutions That Work


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Ready for Restful Nights?

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Parents who are tired of being tired. Early risings and night wakings are NOT non-negotiable parts of parenting. Endless rocking, bouncing or toddler curtain calls are not fun for anyone.

Your baby or child just wants to sleep better too!

Do you struggle with nap time, or need guidance on navigating sleep transitions and milestones?

I can help, and I can make reaching your sleep goals as easy as possible on the whole family.

I have the knowledge and skills to help you improve your child’s ability to sleep well, which will benefit the health and wellness of your entire family.

You can find an endless supply of free sleep training tips and tricks wherever you look, but advice can often seem contradictory and confusing, which makes implementing any plan consistently extremely difficult.

Tell me about your situation, your child, and your goals, and I will listen without judgement, and create an age appropriate personalized sleep plan that you understand and are comfortable with.

Better yet, I’ll support you while you implement the plan to maximize sleep success.

○ The best part of my sleep success package is that the sleep plan I create for you is personalized to your family, using an approach that you’re comfortable with.

 ○ Allowing children unlimited time and space to learn a new skill is one approach, but there are also other methods that allow for more parental involvement, and are equally effective. 

○ Regardless of the method that a parent chooses, it is the consistency in which the method is implemented that is the biggest factor in how smoothly, quickly, and successfully the process goes. 

○ While the sleep training response method is one key element in improving your child’s sleep, there are other very important elements that often require small but powerful adjustments to ensure that whatever method you choose to implement, it will be smooth and truly effective.

○ You will be amazed at how quickly this process can be if the plan is implemented confidently and consistently. 

○ Night sleep typically comes together within one week, while day sleep can take several more weeks. 

○ It’s important to note that all children are unique and bring their own personalities to the table, and other factors such as age, and chosen sleep training method will play a role in how long the process takes as well. 

○ The Sleep Success Package includes 2 weeks of follow up support while your personalized plan is implemented. This is typically enough time to get you well on your way to full sleep success if not entirely there. 

○ The Ultimate Your Healthy Dreamer Package includes 3 weeks of follow up support as well as a one month follow up call, which is a good fit for families leaning toward a more involved approach, older children with creative sleep limiting behaviors, and for any possible fine tuning for long term sleep success.

Sleep is a biological need with numerous health benefits. Sleep plays a significant role in strengthening the immune system, regulating body weight, and tissue healing.

It also aids in memory consolidation, problem solving, and regulates mood and emotion.

The most obvious benefit of a well rested child is that they are just more pleasant to be around, and well rested parents can find more joy in watching them learn and grow.

○ “I will give you a phone call at your chosen time to learn more about your child and situation, and then review the ideal package to support you in reaching your sleep goals.” 

○ “By the end of this discovery call, you will have a clear understanding of how I can support your family in your child’s sleep journey. I will send an email reviewing some of the information discussed with a link to move forward and schedule your initial consultation.” 

○ “Once your consultation is scheduled, I will send an intake assessment form, client contract, and invoice for payment, all to be completed at least 48 hours before the consultation time.” 

○ “During our consultation, I will review and perfect your child’s comprehensive and personalized sleep plan. There will be plenty of opportunity for all of your questions and logistical review. By the end of the consultation, we will decide when exactly to begin implementing the plan and I will review exactly how the support works, depending on the package purchased. 

○ “I will provide daily support (during my business hours M-F 9am-4pm and dependent on the package purchased) while you implement the plan and reach the age appropriate sleep results we are working toward!

If you’re looking for a sleep consultant, Emma is the one! We found her based on these glowing 5 star reviews. They were right! We felt desperate since our toddler couldn’t fall asleep without our assistance and she had been sleeping in our bed for over 6 months. We were worried this would be so hard (impossible) to break. From the start, Emma reassured us that sleep would improve with a consistent and thoughtful plan. She customized it to our situation and was so invested in the process. Our toddler learned new skills and started sleeping on her own within days. We couldn’t believe it! I think what really sets Emma apart is her compassionate approach and responsiveness. Emma, thanks for making such a difference in people’s lives. We’re all catching-up on some much needed sleep and I can’t say enough great things! Thanks for the increased confidence 🙂

Parent of a 2 year old Super Sleeper

Emma helped my family navigate sleep with our second daughter when she turned 4 months old. We found her knowledge of sleep science very helpful as we navigated healthy sleep habits this time around! She has a very thorough and gentle approach, which is exactly what we were looking for. She was prompt in her communication and answering all of our questions. We recommend utilizing her expertise if you are struggling with sleep or just need some reassurance that you are doing a great job!

Parent of a 4 month Super Sleeper

We hesitated for a long time to pursue a sleep consultant, as our baby’s sleep patterns were so up and down. We were referred to Emma by a family member who pushed us to pursue a consult, and we are so happy we did. Emma is thorough and detailed, compassionate, and is flexible while providing clear and decisive recommendations. She gave us really helpful advice and a clear plan that we felt comfortable with. Her support gave us the confidence to set the boundaries that our son needed, and his response to the changes she recommended exceeded our expectations. The follow up provided with the comprehensive plan was so helpful to check back in and adjust our plan / answer more questions. Overall, we felt that the consult was 100% worth it! We would not hesitate to reach out to Emma again if we run into more sleep troubles in the future.

Parent of a 15 month old Super Sleeper

I cannot say enough good things about Emma and this process! We had a 3 yr old who was taking forever to fall asleep, needed both parents in the room and was coming into our room every night. Emma took the time to listen to our concerns and created a great plan. Within a few nights things were drastically better and they continued to improve. We now have a toddler who can put herself to sleep and is able to stay in her room! We are all much happier and are so glad we had Emma guiding us along the way!

Parent of a 3 year old Super Sleeper

Building the Foundation for a Lifetime of Healthy Sleep