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Integrating Sleep Science With Your Unique Parenting Style - Valuable Daily Support - Sleep Solutions That Work • Integrating Sleep Science With Your Unique Parenting Style - Valuable Daily Support - Sleep Solutions That Work • Integrating Sleep Science With Your Unique Parenting Style - Valuable Daily Support - Sleep Solutions That Work • Integrating Sleep Science With Your Unique Parenting Style - Valuable Daily Support - Sleep Solutions That Work

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I work with parents of children ages 4 months through 5 years to teach healthy and age appropriate sleep habits. Take a look at the sleep services I offer below and schedule a free discovery call to connect and discuss which package is right for you.

Healthy Dreamer Package

For parents of children 4 months through 5 years.


Sleep Success Package

For parents of children 4 months through 5 years


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In Home

For parents of babies 4 months through 18 months, and within driving distance!


Unlimited text and audio support via Voxer app (7pm – 9pm)

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Consultation Package

For parents of children 4 months through 5 years.


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Here is what people are saying:

Based on 48 reviews
Kayla Scire
Kayla Scire
I cannot say enough great things about Emma and her approach to helping our little guy sleep through the night in his crib. Our 2 year old had never slept through the night in his crib before working with Emma. Her approach had our son super involved in the whole process/new routine and in less than two weeks he was laying down on his own in his crib and falling asleep for the night. He is so proud of himself and even calls himself a super sleeper and we all have lots more energy for play time!
Kate Biron
Kate Biron
Emma supported us as we sleep trained our baby at 5 months and we are so happy we worked with her! She is so knowledgeable about pediatric sleep and uses a gentle but confident approach to give babies and children the skills needed for healthy and independent sleep habits. Emma’s daily support during the first two weeks of the process were invaluable and gave us the confidence to push through the hard parts. Highly recommend!
Elizabeth Knott
Elizabeth Knott
Emma helped my family navigate sleep with our second daughter when she turned 4 months old. We found her knowledge of sleep science very helpful as we navigated healthy sleep habits this time around! She has a very thorough and gentle approach, which is exactly what we were looking for. She was prompt in her communication and answering all of our questions. We recommend utilizing her expertise if you are struggling with sleep or just need some reassurance that you are doing a great job!
Nicole N
Nicole N
If you’re looking for a sleep consultant, Emma is the one! We found her based on these glowing 5 star reviews. They were right! We felt desperate since our toddler couldn’t fall asleep without our assistance and she had been sleeping in our bed for over 6 months. We were worried this would be so hard (impossible) to break. From the start, Emma reassured us that sleep would improve with a consistent and thoughtful plan. She customized it to our situation and was so invested in the process. Our toddler learned new skills and started sleeping on her own within days. We couldn’t believe it! I think what really sets Emma apart is her compassionate approach and responsiveness. Emma, thanks for making such a difference in people’s lives. We’re all catching-up on some much needed sleep and I can’t say enough great things! Thanks for the increased confidence 🙂
Emily Shea
Emily Shea
We hesitated for a long time to pursue a sleep consultant, as our baby’s sleep patterns were so up and down. We were referred to Emma by a family member who pushed us to pursue a consult, and we are so happy we did. Emma is thorough and detailed, compassionate, and is flexible while providing clear and decisive recommendations. She gave us really helpful advice and a clear plan that we felt comfortable with. Her support gave us the confidence to set the boundaries that our son needed, and his response to the changes she recommended exceeded our expectations. The follow up provided with the comprehensive plan was so helpful to check back in and adjust our plan / answer more questions. Overall, we felt that the consult was 100% worth it! We would not hesitate to reach out to Emma again if we run into more sleep troubles in the future.
Julie Maggio
Julie Maggio
I cannot say enough good things about Emma and this process! We had a 3 yr old who was taking forever to fall asleep, needed both parents in the room and was coming into our room every night. Emma took the time to listen to our concerns and created a great plan. Within a few nights things were drastically better and they continued to improve. We now have a toddler who can put herself to sleep and is able to stay in her room! We are all much happier and are so glad we had Emma guiding us along the way!
Taylor Brewster
Taylor Brewster
Working with Emma has truly radicalized our lives as new parents. Before utilizing her services, we were at a total loss of what to do and felt overwhelmed and exhausted by sleep deprivation. Emma provided us with a straightforward plan and strategy on how to attack night wakings and provide our baby with the safest and most ideal sleep environment. Her approach was knowledgable and sensitive to our needs. She helped support us through this 2 week program, checking in everyday and offering feedback. Her plan helped carve a path forward for us, and our 4 month old went from waking 8 times a night to sleeping almost 10 hours straight in just 2.5 weeks. This experience was truly life-saving!!
Karen Cassidy
Karen Cassidy
We were struggling for almost a year with our 3, just turned 4, year old's sleep. He would wake up several times each night and then would get up insanely early in the morning and refuse to go back to sleep. We tried everything we could think of and were desperate for a new approach. Emma was confident and clear in her recommendations, and we are all sleeping MUCH better after working with her. Her day to day coaching in the first few weeks was invaluable. She is empathetic and tailors her approach for every family's specific needs. I would (and will) wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone dealing with child sleep issues. Emma will deliver results.
Grace Bilodeau
Grace Bilodeau
Emma is amazing! Our sleep has drastically improved. We cannot recommend her enough! She provides great support and is super informative. 5 stars!
Leandra D'Eramo
Leandra D'Eramo
Emma really took the time to work with us and to get to know our son and his sleeping habits. She helped us fine-tune our process and her plan was thorough and made sure we kept consistency in our routine. Emma was great and supportive over our two-week touch points and we could not recommend her enough! Our son is falling is asleep independently (and quietly) and we could not be more thrilled!

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